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Choose from our range of personalised authentic high quality British Armed Forces dog tags.

We supply many members of the armed forces and offer a same day while you wait service for anyone is in a hurry and doesn't mind coming to see us.

Sometimes they really are needed that urgently! For any other circumstances we offer same day dispatch and next day delivery if you need it.

Like the Ministry of Defence, we use both dot marking and laser engraving to mark the tags.

Both types of marking is used by the British Armed Forces, the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force depending on exactly where they are made.

Laser etching gives a permanent black mark on the tags while dot peen marking uses a sharp point to mark out the text using a series of deep dots.

One isn't better than the other necessarily. Laser engraving might offer slightly better legibility of the text but dot marking is probably more durable.

Having said that the laser engraving is burned into the surface so it's by no means likely to wear appreciably.

For those who want some dress tags that match the authentic tags but add some more shine, we've produced our own set of solid silver tags which can be paired with either a solid silver or one of our other chains.

We also make the rectangular British Medic Alert tags which again can be laser engraved or dot marked. These are issued to Armed Forces members who need to advise first responders of any conditions, medications or allergies. It's a seperate tag that's worn on an additional chain as well as the circular tags.

We offer the option to include a laser engraved logo on the back of the tags. Choose from one of our existing logos or have us include your own chosen logo on the back of the tag.

If you want something a little more stealthy, we also offer the option of a completely black set of tags. Ideal for the special forces look.....

If you've got any info, anecdotes or pictures relating to British Forces ID tags we'd be delighted to hear about it. Please email us at [email protected] 




Personalised RAF Royal Air Force stainless steel dog tags

Personalised stainless steel RAF dog tags with dot peen marked text.


Personalised solid silver dot marked british forces dog tags

The ultimate british forces dog tags featuring solid silver tags and chains.


Personalised dot peen marked British forces dog tags

Personalised British armed forces dog tags with dot peen marked personalisation.


Personalised dot peen marked British Forces allergy / medical tag

Exact replica of the British forces allergy / medical tag with dot peen marked text....


Personalised black british forces dog tags

This set of tags is identical to the regular issue British Forces set but with...


Personalised laser etched British Forces allergy / medtag

Personalised exact replica of the British forces allergy MEDICAL TAG with laser etched text. These...


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