Personalised black british forces dog tags


British Forces black dog tag set

- British armed forces circular dog tags
- Black DLC hard coated chains and tags
- Free engraved (dot peen marked) personalisation
- 2 X Surgical grade 38mm X 0.9mm stainless steel dog tags
- Stainless steel chain set, 1 X 69cm & 1 X 11.5cm chains with connectors.
- Black silicone silencers included

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This set of tags is identical to the regular issue British Forces set but with tags and chains that have been coated in a super hard black 'diamond like' coating.

The black finish reduces reflections and minimises your visual traces making these tags ideal for use by Special Forces or in situations where the silver tags are too visible.

These tags are dot peen marked in exactly the same way as our regular British tags.

The DLC coating used on the tags and chains is carried out by a UK company and is the same as used in jet engine and F1 components. 

Featuring UK made 38mm X 0.9mm surgical 316 stainless steel tags and US made 304 grade stainless steel chains this tag set uses the highest quality parts.

British tags are either laser etched or dot peen marked. If you'd like the laser etched tags please click HERE.

If you're looking for an authentic replica of the British military dog tags in a black finish then simply fill in the text that you would like to appear on your tags using the text boxes above and click the 'add to cart' button.

The standard layout for British Army and Navy dog tags is:

Line 1: Blood type

Line 2: Service number

Line 3: Surname

Line 4: Initials

Line 5: Religious preference 

RAF dog tags have the following layout:

Line 1: Service number

Line 2: Surname

Line 3: Initials

Line 4: Religion

Line 5: Blood type

Line 6: 'RAF'

Alternatively you can choose whatever message you'd like.


These tags include a pair of black silencers, you can also choose from a range of other colours using the drop down box.


Choose our gift case using the drop down box. The case makes the tags a lot easier to wrap and present them really nicely. If you choose the gift case, the tags will be supplied fully assembled. If you don't choose the case the tags will be supplied with the silencers fitted (if chosen) and the chains seperated from the tags to prevent any damage in transit. The package includes asembly instructions however if you think you may struggle to assemble the tags, please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assemble the tags before we ship them. There is increased risk of the tags being marked by the chains in transit if we do so but we always try our best to avoid this.

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