Micro Paracord

Micro paracord


Personalised black iceQR® medical alert I.D. dog tag

This black medical ID dog tag includes space for your personal details on one side...


Personalised black PVD coated US Special Forces dog tags

Black PVD coated US special operations forces dog tags with personalised embossed text.


Personalised black US special forces debossed dog tags 1954-1967 style with notch

Special forces black dog tag set with debossed text, notch and with the text read...


Personalised bottle opener dog tag

Stainless steel bottle opener dog tag with your choice of laser engraved text.


Personalised cartridge brass US military dog tag with a hole at both ends

50 X 28mm Cartridge brass US military style dog tag featuring a 3.5mm hole at...


Personalised debossed US military dog tags without notch 1967 - 2015

This style of dog tag was issued to US military personnel between 1967 when the...


Personalised dot peen marked 25mm ACU bikesport stainless steel ID disk

25mm x 1mm stainless steel motorcycle racing identification disk with permanently dot peen marked text...


Personalised dot peen marked British Forces allergy / medical tag

Exact replica of the British forces allergy / medical tag with dot peen marked text....


Personalised embossed dog tag set with bottle opener

This is an authentic US military style dog tang set produced using a stainless steel...


Personalised engraved solid silver mini dog tag

Custom engraved solid silver miniature dog tag necklace.


Personalised hand polished stainless steel US military dog tags

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