Personalised dot peen marked 25mm ACU bikesport stainless steel ID disk


- 25mm x 1mm stainless steel disk
- Rounded corners
- Compliant with ACU standing regulation 14.3
- 69cm aluminium neck chain
- Dot peen marked text

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25mm x 1mm stainless steel motorcycle racing identification disk with permanently dot peen marked text compliant with ACU blue book regulation 14.3

Following customer requests, we've developed this 25mm stainless steel identification disk to comply exactly with the following regulation in the ACU standing regulations (page 263):

14.3 IDENTIFICATION DISCS While practising and racing, riders and passengers are required to wear an identification disc around the neck, attached by a material approved by the technical officer. Thin chains should be avoided. The disc must be permanently marked with the wearer’s full name and date of birth. Identification discs shall be of a durable material, circular in shape, between 20mm and 25mm in diameter and having rounded edges with no sharp or ragged projections.

Each set includes a 69cm aluminium neck chain which has been approved by the ACU. The chain can easily be cut down if it's too long and is slightly lighter than a stainless steel to reduce weight.

We've used 1mm thick 304 grade stainless steel for these tags so the edges can be radiused to avoid sharp edges as per the regulations.

We also offer a laser etched version of this tag as well, please see the featured items below for this which uses a different method of marking.

The choice of marking method comes down to personal preference, both are totally permanent.

Simply add your First name in the 'First name' box, Surname in the 'Surname' box and date of birth in the 'Date of Birth' box.

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