Personalised hand polished stainless steel US military dog tags


Highly polished stainless steel US military dog tag set

- 2 X 50 X 28mm Highly polished rolled edge stainless steel US military dog tags
- Personalised embossed text
- 1 X 690mm x 2.4mm Shiny stainless steel neck chain
- 1 X 115mm x 2.4mm Shiny stainless steel toe chain
- 2 X Silencers

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Highly polished versions of our shiny stainless steel US military dog tags.

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In contrast to regular issue US military which are matte, this tag set features a highly polished finish that's carried out by hand after the tags have been embossed. 

With a really shiny finish these tags glitter and shine in the sun very much like our solid silver tags.

Aside from the finish, this set conforms to the MIL spec and both chains and tags are sourced from US Government GSA vendors and manufactured in the USA so our usual high quality is maintained.

To match the tags, the chains are a shiny finish as well. Standard military chains are a matte finish.

Made from 304 grade stainless steel the dog tags and chains are non allergic and extremely durable and hard wearing.

These tags look great with or without silencers. If you'd like to go without silencers, check the 'no silencers' option on the tag builder page.

What is on an army dog tag?

You can choose whatever message you'd like for the embossing on your tags but many people like to follow the US Marine Corps format or something close to it for an authentic look.

The tags shown in the images follow the correct format for a member of the US Marines Corps.

The general format for a standard military tag is as follows:

Line 1: Surname
Line 2: First name, initials, Blood group
Line 3: Social security number / DOD ID
Line 4: Unit (eg. USMC for US marine corps), gas mask size (US, S, M, L, XL)
Line 5: Religious preference (or "NO PREFERENCE")

For details of what can be embossed on your tags please visit our embossing details page.

Personalise your tags

Of course you aren't limited to steel tags and chains or black silencers. By using our tag builder you can personalise your own bespoke dog tag set with our wide range of silencer and chain options.

Gift Case

If you're giving the tags as a gift then you might want to consider our custom steel presentation case with foam lining.

Check the gift box option in the tag builder or at checkout (but not both).


Customise and Buy

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