Top Gun, Maverick, Pete Mitchell dog tag set


- Identical to US Navy Pilots tags
- Pete Mitchell 'Maverick' inscription
- 304 grade Stainless steel
- Authentic embossed text
- 2 X Dog tags
- 1 X 69cm neck chain & 1 X 11.5cm chain
- 2 X black silicone silencers

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If you're planning a Maverick outfit you'll need a set of Pete Mitchell's dog tags.

These stainless steel tags are totally authentic and exactly what Pete would have been issued at Miromar.

We've added an appropriate message on these tags but if you'd like some that include your own personalised details, you might be better off with the ones in this LINK.

Or see the ones at the bottom of this page.

We also offer a metal gift case if you want to give the tags as a gift or keepsake.



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