Personalised laser etched British forces dog tags


Plaque de l'armée britannique
- Plaque militaire britannique ronde
- Personnalisation gratuite et gravure au laser
- Plaque en acier inoxydable
- Chaîne de cou en acier inoxydable
- Chaîne de poignet en acier inoxydable
- Silencieux en caoutchouc noir (ou choisissez votre propre couleur)

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Personalised British armed forces dog tags with laser etched text.


We also offer our dot peen marked British dog tags HERE

Featuring 38mm X 0.9mm surgical 316 stainless steel tags and MIL spec 304 grade stainless steel chains this tag set uses the highest quality parts.

We permanently laser etch the face of the tags with your choice of text.

If you're looking for an authentic replica of the British military dog tags then simply fill in the text that you would like to appear on your tags using the text boxes above and click the 'add to cart' button. No other options need to be changed from the defaults.

As standard the reverse is left blank but we offer options to either have the text repeated on the reverse or you can choose from one of our stock country flags:

-Medical Star of Life

-Medical Caduceus

-Unique IceQR Bar code (See HERE for more details)


-Union jack

-St George's cross

-Welsh Dragon

-St Andrew's cross

-Custom logo (email your image to [email protected])


The standard layout for British Army, Navy and RAF dog tags is:

Line 1: Blood type

Line 2: Service number

Line 3: Surname

Line 4: Initials

Line 5: Religious preference 


Custom options:

If you'd like to customise your tags a little then we offer a number of other options:


'OPTIONS' Dropdown

-Choose to have the text repeated on the reverse of the tags (as standard the reverse is blank) for an additional £2.50


-Have one our standard images added to the reverse of the tags (see images for details) for an additional £5.00


-Have your own logo added to the reverse of the tags for an additional £7.50 (if you choose this option please email your black and white image in .jpg or .png format to [email protected])


'FONT' Dropdown

-Choose a different font for the text from a wide range of options.



-Choose from a range of silencer colours.



-Choose the type of chain you would like.

The standard chain set includes a mill spec 304 grade stainless chain set but other options include:

-Black DLC hard coated stainless steel. We take the standard chains and treat them to a plasma vapor deposition process that leaves a black Diamond Like Coating (hence DLC). This coating is extremely hard and resistant to wear and abrasion and should last a lifetime even when worn constantly.

-Sterling silver. These chains are identical in dimensions to the standard steel chains but are made from solid sterling silver. It should be noted that due to silver being a softer metal than steel, the chains do not have the same high breaking strength as steel chains.

-Brass. Retaining the same dimensions as standard chains, these chains are made from solid high quality cartridge brass. As with any un-coated brass the chains will patinate over time if worn.

-Copper. As with the brass chains these are made from solid copper and also patinate when worn.

-Aluminium, These chains look very similar to the steel chains but have a lower breaking strength, This can be useful if the tags are being worn in a situation where they may get caught on something and injure the wearer.


All chains are made in the USA.



-Add our metal gift case at the postage screen during checkout, either to keep your tags in perfect condition or as a finishing touch if the tags are a gift for someone.


Adding your club / organisation logo or motto.

Please contact us if you would like us to feature your club logo or motto as an order option on this tag set for other customers to order in the future.

Ordering your tags is as easy as ABC