Personalised US Marine Corps identification dog tags


Personalised exact replica USMC identification tags

- 2 X Embossed 304 stainless steel ID tags (50 x 28mm)
- 1 X 69cm & 1 X 11.5cm X 2.4mm 304 stainless steel chains
- 2 X Black silicone silencers
- Personalised on current US issue embossing machine
- Produced with tags, chains and silencers sourced from US Government (GSA) vendors

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MIL Spec current issue USMC (Marine Corps) identification tags.

For more information on the exact specification from the US military click on the link below:


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This product is designed to allow you to order the perfect set of replica USMC ID tags. If you'd like to choose your own layout then please click HERE for our custom embossed US military tags.

On 12 August 2012 the US military changed from using the social security number (SSN) to the Department of Defence ID number in accordance with DODI 1000.30

Prior to January 1972 the service number was used but these tags would not be correct for that period.

January 1972 to 12th August 2012 - SSN: 9 digit number formatted in three blocks of 3/2/4 (EG: 123 45 6789)

12th August 2012 onwards - DOD ID: 10 Digit number (no spaces).

These tags are compatible with our METAL GIFT CASE

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