Personalised solid silver dot marked british forces dog tags


- Solid silver british forces dog tag set
- Dot peen marked text
- Gift case included
- Choice of silencer colours

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The ultimate british forces dog tags featuring solid silver tags and chains.

This set includes your choice of personalised dot peen marked text, (see featured items below for the alternative laser etched version of these tags).

If you're looking for the nicest shinyest british forces dog tags, these are for you.

Includes gift case and full assembly. You can choose to remove the gift case using the drop down if you don't want it but it's highly recomended to keep the tags in perfect condition (The tags are supplied un-assembled if you don't have the case.)

The specifications of these tags is idential to the regular stainless steel versions with:

2 X 36mm x 0.7mm 99.9% solid silver circular dog tags with highly polished finish.

69cm sterling silver neck chain

11.5cm sterling silver 'toe' chain.

2 X Silicone silencers in a choice of colours (or choose no silencers)

British forces tags either feature dot marked text or laser engraved text when issued, This set features the dot marked text where the text is produced using a series of tiny dots that's physically peened into the surface of the tag and is fully permanent.

To order the tags, simply enter the text you would like in to the text boxes.

You can follow the british forces format or choose your own text, the choice is yours. It's possible to have a different message on each of the tags, if you only complete the text for tag 1 we will duplicate this on tag 2.

The standard text used for the Army and Navy are:

Line 1: Blood type

Line 2: Service number

Line 3: Surname

Line 4: Initials

Line 5: Religion

RAF tags use a different format as follows:

Line 1: Service number

Line 2: Surname

Line 3: Initials

Line 4: Religion

Line 5: Blood type

Line 6: 'RAF'

Use the 'Silencers' drop down box to choose the colour of your silencers. Alternaitively you can choose not to have the silencers at all although we would advise their use to maintain their highly polished finish. If you are considering not having silencers we would advise considering the 'clear' silencers.

These tags may not be suitable for use in deployment by servicing members of the british forces so check with your C/O before ordering them. We would recommend our regular stainless steel tags for active service although these tags would make a great addition for ceremonial use.

As with any silver items, these tags may tanish over time, however they can be cleaned and polished using a metal polish such as 'Silvo'

These tags are hallmarked by the London assay office to guaruntee authenticity.


Ordering your tags is as easy as ABC