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Our World War 2 US military dog tags are totally authentic and produced using equipment from the period.

These tags are perfect for replacing a lost set or as a momento to commemorate a family member.

Alternatively re-enactors will find that they make the perfect addition to a period authentic uniform.

There are a number of different layouts that were used during the WW2 depending on the date of issue and branch of service.

All WW2 tags were 'debossed' where the text is stamped into the face of the tag. This is unlike the modern era tags that are 'embossed' where the text is as you would find on a credit or debit card and is stamped from the back.

WW2 era tags feature what is sometimes referred to as the 'tooth notch'.

The notch allowed the tags to be used in the Model 70 Addressograph transcription machine. This manual machine worked in a similar way to the old style manual credit card machines and allowed the information on the tags to be transferred on to paper forms quickly, easily and free of errors.

The notch acts as a key so that the tag can only be installed in the transacription machine one way.

All tag sets issued during WW2 included the following items:

2 x Stainless steel notched dog tags with debossed text.
1 x 69cm stainless steel neck chain
1 x 11.5cm stainless steel toe chain

Silencers were not used during WW2 and cannot be fitted to notched tags.

The following characters are supported by the debossing process:

A-Z (Caps only)
Punctuation . ' & - /

We've listed the various types of tags issued during WW2 below, these will allow you to enter your details and we will format the text to match the tags that would have been issued at the time.

Alternatively choose our generic debossed tag set where you can add the text of your choice.

-US ARMY 1939-41

-US ARMY 1941-43

-US ARMY 1943-44

-US ARMY 1944-46

-Generic - Free choice of text

20201026 162643

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