Skull Dog Tags


Skull Dog Tags
- White skull on black background
- Anodised aluminium dog tags
- One 27inch neck chain
- One 4.5inch wrist chain
- Suitable for pets

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The perfect goth accessory - a set of stunning black metallic dog tags, with a laser-engraved skull design on one side of each tag. The tags can also be personalised with embossed text, like all our other tags, or just worn as they are.

Our coloured tags are made from aluminium and are coloured using anodisation, a chemical process that uses electrolysis to change the surface of the metal: it makes the metal more resistant to corrosion, and the addition of dye during the anodisation process produces a rich colour that is sealed into the surface of the metal. The colour won't rub off, even in water, and it won't crack, or flake. The laser-engraving process burns the design into the surface of the tag, leaving a white image that is completely permanent.

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