Dog Tags for Pets

dog tags for pets herefordshire

Protect your loved furry friend proper and robust identification with our dog tags for pets. They are hard wearing and of course - really cool! We've put together a simple single dog tag with a long and a short chain so you have a different size choice; the long ball chain can be cut to suitable size. Rather than just having a conventional tag like everybody else, why not actually have a dog tag on your dog with that extra class. Whether you have a German Shepard, Labrador, Husky or a Collie; this single tag in it's protective rubber silencer will be a fitting identification tag with plenty of embossing room for your details, address and phone number. It's important that you use the rubber silencer with the tag itself or it'll wear down. 

With the rise of pet theft and more, it's a 'must have' rather than a pet accessory.  

pet tagDOG TAGS FOR pet dogs

We probably should advise these for small animals such cats and chihuahuas but the tag itself isn't that big. It's excellent for easy identification that won't wear down too soon and it's robust and strong for rough and tough animals that like to roll around in mud and such! 

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