Dog Tags for Pet Dogs

dog tags for pets herefordshire

Dogs need identification too! We've put together a special single tag package with a short and a long ball chain for easy adjustment for your furry friend. For the average dog that picks up the biggest sticks and rolls around in mud, it's best to get a dog tag suitable and robust for the job.

pet tag for dogsOur dog tag comes in a rubber silencer that stretches over the dog tag (specifically to avoid metallic clink sounds with the ball chain). It's a good idea to leave this on ideally; the dog tag could wear down rather fast without this rubber silencer. We probably should advise these for small animals such cats and chihuahuas but the tag itself isn't that big. It's excellent for easy identification that won't wear down too soon and it's robust and strong for rough and tough animals that like to roll around in mud and such!

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