WW2 notched dog tags

Following consistent customer demand we've added these 'notched' stainless steel dog tags to our range.

notched tag set


You can order your own set of tags personalised with your choice of message HERE.

It's actually an extremely small world since the presence of the notch is to allow the dog tag to be properly aligned by medics into the Addressograph model 70 imprinter which allowed the GI's details to be transferred directly to their patient records.

Our sister company Addressograph Ltd still supplies the Addressograph range of imprinters which are now mainly used for processing manual credit and debit card payments.

These tags are supplied without silencers as they don't fit properly with the notch in place and in any case they were never used in WW2.

With it being the 70th anniversary of the end of WW2 this year anyone looking to take part in re-enactments or simply wanting to finish off their period correct uniform needs look no further!   

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