Milsim - Airsoft Military Simulations Dog tags

Milsim - the exhilarating combination of high velocity airsoft paintballs and military simulations. There's only one word for it. Awesome. 

It's more popular than we know, and getting the right kit and of course - dog tags to look and feel the part.

There are numerous airsoft military simulation camps across the country, and although this sport begun in America, it's popularity spread to the UK in no time at all. 
Fully kitted with semi and automatic airsoft weapons that can fire high velocity paint rounds at 2-400 fps, it's adrenaline filled fun with structured missions incorporating primary and secondary objectives, including vehicles and characters.

Airsoft milsim dogtags

Complete your kit and grab some classic military dog tags before booking your events. 

Ordering your tags is as easy as ABC