Medical Alert Identification Tags

Medical alert tags keep people nearby notified of your medical condition, whether this be to addressing your diabetic condition or an allergy of some type. 
Should a serious or life threatening situation occur, medical identification tags like the ones we provide are more than suitable and at the same time, discrete in a fashionable way. We usually see medical identification tags bright coloured and easy to see, and in our example above we've used a bright metallic red and green colouring.


The embossing / stamping of the medical alert tags can be personalised in whatever way you choose, but it is wise to include your name, blood type, allergy or condition and date of birth. This should be more than enough information to ensure you aren't treated with an allergic medication should a life threatening event occur.

Medical ID tags have a great advantage with saving lives and in these vital few minutes this is often the only way of conveying your vital drug allergy or medical condition that paramedics need to treat you effectively. You can find these tags here in our tag catalogue.

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