Dog tags without silencers

no silencer

We're aware that lots of you out there prefer the look of the dog tags without silencers.

As a result we've just implemented a change on the site so that you can choose not to have any silencers at all for the 'naked' look.

The tags will clink together (there's a reason why they are called silencers!) but that's the price of a bit of individual style!

You can choose not to have silencers on any of our tags but it's best suited to the tags that feature the rolled edge like our classic stainless steel, brass, copper, black DLC, gold plated and solid silver tags.

If you ever want to add silencers in the future then that's no issue at all, we sell the silencers separately and they are very easily fitted and removed again if you have a further change of heart!

We've also added a 'naked' set of tags to the catalogue as well so it's easy to order them.

You can go straight there by clicking HERE.





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