Black DLC coated scratch proof dog tags

Black DLC dog tags

Following the incredible popularity of our special forces tags, we've upped the ante with a set of black DLC dog tags and chains that are almost completely scratch proof.

Not only are these tags and chains incredibly durable but being based on our classic military stainless steel tags they also include the traditional rolled edge on the tags themselves.

A lot of people like to wear their tags without silencers and these tags allow you to do that while sporting a black set and retaining the rolled edge.

To achieve the black finish we've had the tags coated using an industrial process called plasma vapour deposition. This gives a finish that's known as 'DLC' or 'diamond like coating'.

As it's name suggests the coating is as hard as a diamond. This Wikipedia page explains the science behind it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond-like_carbon

To apply the coating the tags and chains they are placed in a vacuum chamber and blasted with a jet of plasma.

This same process is used in the coating of things that are subject to high wear like formula 1 car and jet engine components. You will also see the same coating used on high end black stainless steel wristwatches.

As with all of our tags these can be personalised with your own choice of message using our tag builder and you can customise them with our full range of coloured silencers.

You can choose the Black DLC tags and chains separately in the builder so if you'd like the super hard wearing chains on a set of stainless steel or camo tags then that's no problem, simply configure your order that way in the tag builder.

If your'e giving the tags as a gift then you should also consider our custom presentation box which you can add at checkout.

Ordering your tags is as easy as ABC