Ben Turnbull 'No Guts No Glory' exhibition army dog tags


We were delighted when we were asked to supply the Ben Turnbull 'No Guts No Glory' exhibition army dog tags.

We produced a limited number of our WW2 pre 1965 notched stainless steel dog tags which have been given as gift to people invited to a private viewing. A momento of sorts for posterity.

Some have been mailed out to editors from publications etc. and also passed on to collaborators of the show.

Ben chose the dog tags as there are very few items that relate so well to the US Army theme of the exhibition.

The exhibition comes at the theme from several different angles, in his recent article in dull magazine Ben says:

'I genuinely believe that you can see both sides of the coin here, on one side the 'gung ho' - 'off we go' approach but on the flip side we have to deal with the counter culture, the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder suffering alongside the trauma of homecomings. I've tried to take a very analytical journalistic approach so as to reflect an honest not biased view.’

You can ready more about the exhibition in the article here: https://dull-magazine.com/no-guts-no-glory-by-ben-turnbull/


Ben's works focuses on American culture and this exhibition was inspired by the work of James Montgomery Flagg most famous for his iconic ‘I Want YOU for U.S. Army’ poster.

Most of the works are created using cuttings from comics that deliver a really amazing result.

Ben's pop art style has attracted some very well known collectors.

We certainly count ourselves as fans of his and will be attending the exhibition as soon as we can.

'No Guts No Glory' will be running at Saatchi's Gallery's Prints & Originals Gallery from 11 April – 8 May 2017.





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