Dog tags launched into space

Mercury 10 2

We recently manufactured some custom dog tags for an action man mission to space!

If that sounds like a strange proposition, it was! It was also a great deal of fun and it was a real pleasure to work with Rob Wisdom to get this completed.

As the man behind Action Man HQ (actionmanhq.co.uk) Rob had intricately planned to launch an action man along with a number of custom made dog tags (supplied by us) into space in a special capsule using a weather balloon.

The plan was that upon reaching space the balloon would be released and the capsule would fall safely back to earth on a parachute.

Sadly it didn't quite work out that way... you can read more about the mission here: Mercury 10 mission 

The dog tags themselves were by quite a margin the most unusual we've produced.

As well as being very small, the tags were custom embossed in aluminium and then gold plated. The thinnest gauge of aluminium was used to minimise the weight of the tags as this was critical.

Here's a picture of Major Tom sporting his tags before his untimely disappearance:


Mercury 10



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